Tuesday, January 20, 2009

SPC -- 'Album Covers' #3

I've had some fun with the 'Album Covers' theme this month. I've had fun making mine and we have had some amazing contributions to the SPC group pool. I knew when the theme for this month was Album Covers that I would have to pay tribute to one of my all time favorite singer/songwriters, Rich Mullins.

In youth group at church, I was introduced to Rich's music from the Winds of Heaven album, though it wasn't until I happened upon a DEMO cassette at Christian Supply in Crawfordsville, Indiana that he became one of my favorites. That demo cassette just happened to be Best as I Can Remember It, Volume 1 and it just happened to be played to the end of Side 1, so I turned it over to the first song on Side 2, which was "Calling Out Your Name." As soon as the slow, nearly rhythmless hammered dulcimer broke into the fast beat that drives straight through the rest of the song, I was hooked.

Rich was taken from the earth far too soon (he was almost 42 when he was killed in an automobile accident in September, 1997), and he is missed not only for the music that he didn't have a chance to continue writing, but also for the compassion he didn't have a chance to continue giving.

Here is my album cover tribute to what is probably my favorite album of his:


And here's the original, for comparison:

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