Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Factory Fire

A fire broke out around Midnight last night in a building near our house. I was in bed reading when I heard a firetruck go past and then a couple of explosions.

The building was referred to as 'the old National Tile building' in this article from the local paper. I believe the building contained several different companies.

Adjacent houses (not ours) were evacuated for a few hours. I don't know yet whether any of those houses were damaged or destroyed (**update below). The factory is a total loss though. It burned from one end to the other.

It's the same building that I used for this self portrait a while back.

I was really planning on going to bed 'early' tonight, too, cause I'd been up late the night before 'Flickering.'

Five Hours later, I'm off to catch a few 'Z's'


Two aerial platforms here. One of the business signs can also be seen here: "CPR, Inc. - Alternators and Starters"

This was the view from our front window . The houses seen here were evacuated, but the residents were eventually allowed to return. There is another row of houses between these and the factory. Those are the ones I'm worried about.
**[UPDATE: Besides some warped vinyl siding and a couple of broken windows, there was minimal damage to any of the surrounding homes/structures. The AFD (and many supporting Departments) did a fantastic job of containing the fire to the factory property. The local paper did a story on this aspect here.]


This photo features a Pendleton FD engine supplying an aerial platform closer to the blaze.

And my favorite photo of the night:

Loads more photos at my Factory Fire Set on Flickr.

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