Tuesday, January 08, 2008

SPC - January - Celebration #1

Self Portrait Challenge took a break in December. It is back for January with the theme: 'Celebration' which was actually announced in early December so that participants could collect their self portraits during their respective holiday celebrations and then share during the month of January. Sounds like a good idea right?

Yeah, mostly.

We have plenty to celebrate during December. In addition to Christmas and the New Year, I have a Wife, Son and Nephew who all celebrate the anniversaries of the days on which they were born in December.

The only problem is, though my celebration of these various events does involve me taking enough pictures that some family members begin referring to me as "paparazzi," it does not usually involve me taking the time to turn the camera around or set up a tripod, etc. to take photos of myself. I usually do my self-portraits by myself.

Nonetheless, I think I may have a few Self Portraits to share during the month that are at least loosely tied to the theme. We'll see.

One thing we try to do every year for Christmas is make Christmas candy and cookies to share. A perennial favorite are our buckeyes. For the uninitiated, buckeyes are basically peanut butter fudge rolled into balls and then partially dipped in melted chocolate so that they resemble the fruit of the Buckeye Tree.

Needless to say, they always go over really well. It's just lucky that we didn't take our Buckeyes to Louisiana, or they might have gotten completely destroyed. Right, OSU fans?? :-)

The only way to get the centers just right is mixing by hand:

....and a few of the finished product:

See more 'Celebration' self portraits here.

It occurred to me that alluding to Harrison turning one-year-old might demand a recent photo:

He is walking (and climbing!!) now, though not in this particular photo. We believe he is associating three or four words with people and objects.

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