Tuesday, January 08, 2008


As soon as we got the coupon from our local supermarket for a free cake to celebrate the first anniversary of the day on which Harrison was born, it occurred to me that the cake would likely be small -- like for a baby. A baby cake.

Then it all came rushing back to me. A TV commercial from the 80's where a sailor with a heavy Russian accent says, "Fifty Watts Per Channel, Babycakes."

See for yourselves:

I wasn't sure what words would fit on the cake, so I had the bakery leave the top blank and this is what I was able to fit:

I don't think that any of our party guests thought it was nearly as funny as I did. Even my own beloved Sister, whom I expected would remember this life-changing TV commercial did NOT say to me, "You SLAY me -- Brother" Oh well.

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