Tuesday, February 20, 2007

SPC - Black & White - #3

Never say "Never"

I once considered being a sound studio engineer as my 'dream job.' I took a basic recording techniques class in college, and then went on to do a couple of independent studies in the University's recording studio. I also had a job in the studio -- recording concerts and recitals, etc., and let me tell you, it was fun! Creating music charts, scheduling time, setting up the studio, and finally recording with the players and musicians was time consuming, but fulfilling. Eventually, I realized that I was having far more fun in these studio sessions than I was actually developing the necessary skills and expertise to have a successful career behind a mixing board.

For months (or maybe years), I resisted a call to run live sound at my church. Because I began my limited experience in a studio setting, I would often quip, "There's a reason they call it a control booth." Running live sound seemed completely foreign to me and I wanted nothing to do with it. I was openly terrified of feedback loops and the lack of control over what is happening on stage at any given moment.

Eventually, I gave in, and after some basic training and observation sessions, I was doing what I vowed to never do: running live sound.

It has been great.

Have I completely embarrassed myself by missing a mute/unmute cue? Yes. Have I had painfully loud, uncontrollable, runaway feedback? Yeah. Have I messed up in countless other ways, big and small? You betcha!

Have I experienced the grace of God and his followers when I'm given another chance, and another, and another? Absolutely. Have I experienced worship in new and exciting ways because of my service? Definitely. Have I settled down, relaxed, and learned from my mistakes, and in so doing, improved the clarity of the message of the Gospel in both song and in spoken word during our services? I hope so.

Here's to never saying, "never."

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