Saturday, February 10, 2007

Photo Friday - 'Sky'

upper left

I did submit this photo:
Sign Pros?
...last week for Photo Friday's theme - 'Strange' but chose not to post it here since you've probably seen it before.

A couple of family updates...
Harrison is doing really well. He's gaining weight like a spring pig (~13lbs @ 6 weeks). He's doing pretty well at controlling his head and arms. He's really good as gripping my chest hair when he gets the chance -- YIKES! He has his days and nights straight, and while he's not 'sleeping through the night' yet, he generally goes right back to sleep after a diaper change and a feeding, and that's usually only 2 or 3 times each night, so we're not complaining!

Hannah is also doing great. She loves being a big sister and she loves her little brother. Furthermore, she'll tell you (or a complete stranger, for that matter) exactly this. She is still going to pre-school one day a week and her teacher has been kind enough to send her home with some of the other work for that week to work on at home. For the most part, she still goes about her business, stopping occasionally to love on (i.e. smother) Harrison.

Christy is headed back to work later this month. She'll start back part-time at first and then transition back into her full time position. We have found a baby sitter for the kids with whom we think we'll be happy. She will be working different hours so as to minimize the time that the kids will be in daycare.

Films Recently Watched:
Well, not surprisingly, I don't have the time to watch movies like I did before #2 came along, but I've still managed to get a few in here and there:

Aladdin (1992) dir. by Ron Clements and John Musker

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997) dir. by Jay Roach
I'll admit that the reason that we watched this was because when Harrison is working on filling a diaper, we've been quoting lines from the scene with Tom Arnold in the bathroom stall! :D

Capote (2005) dir. by Bennett Miller
This was loaned to me by a friend. Phillip Seymour Hoffman deserved his Oscar -- that much is for sure. Otherwise, it is still an interesting look at the life of Truman Capote during the years in which he wrote his book, In Cold Blood. I didn't know much about Capote before watching the movie, but it was interesting and well done.

Charlotte's Web (2006) dir. by Gary Winick
Hannah and I saw this together in the theater. It was better than I expected it would be. I loved the opening credits with the storybook graphics. Some of the voice acting was overdone, but Hannah seemed to enjoy it.

Copycat (1995) dir. by Jon Amiel

Léon (1994) dir. by Luc Besson
I received the deluxe edition DVD as a gift for Christmas, so I finally got to see the international cut of this excellent film. The added scenes only reinforce the mood, characters and story that were already there, but I love the mood, characters and story in this film, so given the choice, I'd definitely recommend the extended cut seen here.

Superman Returns (2006) dir. by Bryan Singer

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