Tuesday, October 17, 2006

SPC - 'imperfection' #3

Week #3 of 'imperfections' at Self Portrait Challenge.

This month's theme has been a bit of a 'challenge' for me (go figure). It's not that I don't have imperfections (I've got plenty), but this challenge has forced me to look at and visualize these imperfections in a way that is mostly foreign to me. I don't usually obsess about my physical imperfections, so being 'forced' to inspect them has been an interesting exercise. I found myself thinking that the exercise should somehow be leading me to care about these imperfections in some profound way, but I just don't. Yeah, I bite my nails; yeah, I'm getting a few gray hairs; yeah, my teeth aren't perfectly straight. So what??

Not all, however, share my disregard for such flaws. I've noticed at the main SPC site, several who have found alternate routes this month.

For those who have tendencies to focus on their physical imperfections anyway, I can see how this month's challenge could be difficult (especially considering that it is quite similar to the 'all of me' challenge from February of this year, as several have pointed out). I applaud those who have chosen not to sit out from this challenge, but rather, to fly in the face of it, free and unhindered by their flaws. Some have been quite creative with the theme, playing along, but still avoiding a scrutinous examination of specific problems. Others have even been more direct in their opposition and chosen to show their most flattering self portraits.

I say, "Bravo" to all SPC'ers who are participating this month, regardless of your path.

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