Thursday, May 18, 2006

Photo Friday - Masterpiece

Ever since I became aware of Illustration Friday, I've been wanting to find a similar type of site to which the drawing-challenged among us could contribute. Self Portrait Challenge (formerly known as Self Portrait Tuesday), was the closest thing I had found until I recently discovered Photo Friday, the weekly photo challenge.

The concept is very similar. Every Friday, the site gives you a theme; a word or phrase which is then interpreted by contributors. Contributors host their own photos and provide a link to Photo Friday with the url. Visitors go to Photo Friday and browse the contributions. As far as I can tell, there are no winners, per se, though it looks like several photos are selected as "Noteworthy" for each week's theme.

Some past weeks' themes that are intriguing to me:
(For those interested, the links will take you to the "Noteworthy" links for that week)
Depth of Field

Well, this weeks challenge is "Masterpiece."

This theme is seemingly rife with the potential to give the appearance of "Tooting one's own horn," especially since it is my first contribution, but . . .

This picture (though I was quite happy with how it turned out), to me, has more to do with the Masterpiece of God's creation and not the photo itself.

And yes - I know it isn't Friday, but according to the participant's guide:
Friday is the day we post the Challenge, but you can enter your link on Photo Friday whenever you like. It doesn't have to be on Friday!

So there!

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