Monday, July 25, 2005

Anybody want a Star Wars bootleg??

Here at Bootleg Central, we take seriously our responsibility to bring you the best of what bootleg films have to offer!

Now available,
Star war: The backstroke of the west

Cee teh adventureres of Ratio Tile and Smelly Boy as they cut the big up rough now and battle thes troopseses of the big. Be prepored to rethin all you thot was true when you noed the real reezons why Smelly Boy was made by the Presbyterian Church! Can Smelly Boy make his dreamses come true and garantee the safety of his love, his cuckoldry, or is he just a Lier with strong and big wish powers? Find out for yourself by calling 1-800-BOOTLEG and ordering Star war: The backstroke of the west!!!

NOTE: the linked page above does contain a few vulgar words in the mis-translated subtitles. You've beened warned and have no excuse to later say, "Do not want."

Coming Soon:
Vietnamese and my confectionary storage facility
Counter-Attacking of the geologic change's
Mr. Smith and his cuckoldry
Good elephant's disheveled hair
The strongs big of frightening territories
and the ever-popular,
All your base are belong to us / Somebody set up us the bomb (2-pack)

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