Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Skitten', Skitten', Skitten' kinda hectic

Our power came back on at 10:30pm last night. Hannah was already asleep by then, so we still spent the night at our friends' house, but I did drive over to the house to check on things there. Everything seems to be OK, at least as much as one could expect. We expected that the refrigerator and attached freezer would have to be emptied and restocked, but we were holding out hope that our chest freezer would be OK, but it had thawed to a point that I believe we'll have to throw out everything in there as well. I guess we'll use the opportunity to defrost it which I suppose needs done periodically anyway. The water was still running and the furnace was beginning to warm the house.

This morning, we cleared out our stuff from where we've been staying and we expect we'll be home tonight.

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