Wednesday, January 30, 2013

App Monochrome / Walking Man Project

App Monochrome

This past summer here in Anderson Indiana, there was an invasion. We were invaded by 10-foot tall steel creatures. In many ways, they were similar to one another in other ways they were astonishingly unique.

They arrived all over town -- 31 of them, all told. There were maps available, but it was fun to be surprised by finding them places you might not expect.

I enjoyed discovering the Walking Men sculptures around town, but it wasn't until I learned there was a photo contest associated with the city-wide project that I began taking photos of them with any purpose.

Here (in this set) are some of the photo I submitted to the contest. Many of them were selected as weekly winners. Seven were selected as best photo for a specific WM sculpture.

I was happy to participate in an event that brought our community together in a fun way.

Since the summer, many of the Walking Men have gone away. Some remain where they were all summer. Others have been relocated to public parks and riverways.

This one, for example (called App) was located in the downtown area outside of a bank, but has now been relocated to a park near a lake along with several of his WM friends.

I decided to use this black and white WM as my monochrome 52 shot for this week and figured it was as good a reason as any to post a bunch of others from earlier this summer.

51/52 for Monochrome 52

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