Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Photo Friday - 'Mood'

Calf in the Snow



Julia said...

Haha! I love your sense of humor! I smiled right away when I read the title and saw the pic - before I even read your "Ahem..." comment! Plus, I just like this picture. What did you do to it to make it look like it's raining hair?

Jeremy Stockwell said...

Sometimes these 'Photo Friday' themes confound me. All art (of all types) is about mood, right?

It felt boring to just post a random photo that conveyed 'mood,' so I reinterpreted. Thanks for getting my attempt at humor and for commenting.


The 'raining hair' effect is from a TTV (Through The Viewfinder) texture layer added to my cow photo in post-processing. I've done some TTV photography where I actually take a picture of the viewfinder of an old camera that uses ground glass as the viewfinder. This would be 'pure' TTV, if you will.

This is 'fake' TTV because I just used an existing TTV layer that somebody else had created and added it on top of my photo. It is the TTV texture layer that adds the hair and dirt, etc.