Friday, September 28, 2012

SPC - 'Alternate Cameras' - #4

Plan C (maybe D)

I had originally hoped to get an actual photo from this old Polaroid camera for this month's 'alternate cameras' theme for Self Portrait Challenge.

A friend found this in her neighborhood when her neighbors were trashing some stuff that didn't sell in their rummage sale. She picked it up thinking I might like it. Upon inspection, I could see that there was still some film in it! I read about how the camera works and (in a rare moment of optimism) hoped for the best. Alas, the film was just too old. I'm guessing the pods had dried up many years ago.

Plan B was to take a decent picture of myself holding the Polaroid camera with my good old Canon S1IS that I used for many years. Apparently, the sensor has gone bad in it. Menus show up fine, but anything through the lens is complete unrecognizable garbage.

Plan C was to use my iPod again. I was reluctant to do this because I had already used the iPod this month and was trying to use 4 different "cameras" (self-imposed rule).

With time running out and plans dropping like flies, I decided to just use the iPod again. Though, I will say that this was taken using the lens on the back of the iPod while my earlier photo used the lens on the front of the iPod. So technically.....

Anyway, it's a pretty cool looking old camera (Land Model 95A) even though the type of rolled film it uses has been unavailable for quite some time, now.

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