Tuesday, May 29, 2012

SPC - 'Shadows' - #5 (and then some...)

Visitor I ended up with a bunch of unused outtakes that I'm sharing below. I found myself much more consciously aware of the 'shadows' theme than I usually am of other themes.

Outtake #1 -- 'Minnestrista Glass'
Minnetrista Glass
Until I fell in love with the tones in 'Visitor' (above), I figured this shot would be the one I'd be submitting to SPC for the final week of the 'Shadows' challenge. As soon as I saw this installation at Minnetrista, I had this shot in mind. The kids both acted like they didn't want to be in "another" one of Daddy's self-portrait photos, but they ended up in more of them than not. This was my favorite.

 Outtake #2 -- "IU"
I've used this public sculpture for a self portrait before, though in an entirely different manner. There are three of these large U-shaped sculptures. Kids love to play on them. I suppose this proves that I do, too. :-) 

Outtake #3 -- "Stairs"
This one might have been a contender if I had thought to reach out and grab the rail to make it appear as though I was holding the lightning bolt on the left side of frame. "Any resemblance to Greek Gods, living or dead, is purely coincidental."

Outtake #4 -- "Bundled Yellow Pipe"
  Bundled Yellow Pipe

Outtake #5 -- "52 Card Pickup"
  52 Card Pickup
This shot has been done before and much better than this one. I had conceived that the shadows from the cards would be more dramatic than what I got. Thought I'd share it, anyway.

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