Monday, January 09, 2012

SPC - "Flashback 2011" - #1

It's January and Self Portrait Challenge is again looking back at the new themes from 2011 and combining two or more of them into a new self portrait for this month.

 For now, I'm sticking primarily with some leftover ideas for December's theme, "Idioms." Flashback #1


 Balance the Books - to determine through bookkeeping that financial accounts are in balance.


Cook the Books - to falsify a company's financial records.

 Besides the obvious Idioms, I'm saying that it qualifies for Literature.

Tiny Words works, I suppose.

The top image is Defying Gravity in a way.

Again with the top image, I'm saying that the Beatles Song, "Carry That Weight" works (or "Sure to Fall"). Surely there's a Beatles Song for the bottom image: "Happiness is a Warm Gun Book??" // "In Spite of all the Danger?"

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