Wednesday, November 09, 2011

the civil wars

The Civil Wars

For Self Portrait Challenge - tiny words 

Christy and I went to see The Civil Wars last Friday night. Awesome concert. There's something refreshingly honest about a simple vocal duo like The Civil Wars. Darn near zero noticeable production and yet there was magic in that room.

Backstory: Christy and I are not "concert" people. We tend to avoid crowds and are reluctant to spend money on luxuries like concert tickets. I was immediately hooked when I first heard The Civil Wars, but would have been content to listen to the CD, as usual.

It was actually in an effort to get her approval to buy the digital album that I showed her these two videos and she was like, "we have to go see them live." Well, that never happens, but I immediately looked into it and they had just been in Indianapolis like three days prior. The were headed for Europe and I didn't have much hope they'd be back to Indy soon. Then they announced their Fall dates and indeed they were coming back to Indy afterall. I ordered our tickets immediately.

It was a good night. The kids spent the night with good friends from church. We got dressed up. We stopped at a sushi place we'd been wanting to try on the way to downtown. Traffic was decent. Lovely weather for a short walk in the theater district of Indianapolis. Amazing concert. We even enjoyed the opening act. We discovered that we could upgrade our tickets when we got there which turned out to be a good thing because the Egyptian Room is usually a standing concert. Christy is....not tall. If we'd been in the middle of that crowd, I'm not sure she would have seen anything. The upgrades got a place to sit on some risers and some rowdy neighbors.

The Civil Wars at the Egyptian Room

Cameras with detachable lenses were not allowed.

I crammed my smallest body and shortest lens (Sigma 30mm) into my smallest bag and didn't have any problems.  Wished I'd had my telezoom, but it was general admission and I had no idea where we'd be located in the room.  Just glad I didn't have to make do with my iPod.  :-)

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