Friday, September 02, 2011

Photo Friday - 'Cars'

So, I get an e-mail around 1am every Friday morning from Photo Friday notifying me of what the new theme is for the new week.


"No problem," I think, confident that I already have something on my Flickr photostream that will fit the bill. 

I do have several pictures of cars, but they are nearly all pictures of a car -- isolated. I didn't find a picture that clearly featured more than one car. Maybe I'm being too literal about interpreting the theme, but that's my nature.

So my SPC shot this week (immediately below) used an old Kodak Duaflex through which I had run some 120 film before I finally got around to using the camera for TTV (through the viewfinder) work. I shot the film last fall and had it developed shortly thereafter. The images were mostly underexposed and lacked contrast. I wasn't sure I'd ever get around to making them public on Flickr. The SPC shot this week was the impetus for going ahead and making the images public (though there are buried in my stream because they were uploaded months ago), and here, now, I find a use for one of them:df012

I guess I prefer posting a shot with zero cars instead of one with only one.  Makes sense to me!


Chad P. Shepherd said...

I called the guy and he confirmed that there were in fact two cars somehow crammed into that garage. ;)

Anonymous said...

Striking shot. There are CARS in the banner. God Bless You.