Wednesday, July 06, 2011

SPC - 'Games' - #1

On The Monon Trail
This is my transition from June's "Street" theme to July's "Games" theme.

"Games" is inclusive of Board Games, Card Games, Video Games, Sports Games, etc.

I don't know if bicycling on a straight path for miles and miles qualifies as a game or not. If not, let's say this is the take-pictues-while-riding-a-bike-and-try-not-to-kill-myself-or-anybody-else game.

Part of our July 4th Holiday weekend consisted of hauling the bikes to Indianapolis and riding a bit on the Monon Trail. This was the first time that Harrison rode his own bike (he usually rides in a trailer behind me).

Monon Trail
Indianapolis, Indiana

Yes, Hannah was there too. She was in front of me, leading the way.
Hannah Biking

Got ornery??
Harrison Biking

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