Tuesday, May 17, 2011

SPC - 'Beatles Songs' - #3

Here, There & Everywhere

Such a beautifully haunting melody.

I remember going nearly crazy trying to identify the opening melody when SPT/SPC alum, girlhula posted about her brother's video to "Know This" by The Remnant (featuring Scar). I heard it, by chance, several days later and may have frightened my colleague who was playing a cover version of "Here There & Everywhere" on her computer. "WHAT IS THAT SONG?!?!?"

"Know This" was the reason that I established a iTunes account so that I could buy that track. I listen to it often on my iPod, but in so doing, I've done myself a disservice in neglecting the gorgeous music video, "a love letter to color and light."

It has since become one of my favorites (both of them). :-)

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