Sunday, January 09, 2011

SPC - 'Flashback 2010' - #1

Mario Kart With The Whole Family
Mario Kart With The Whole Family

Similar to last year, we're doing a "Flashback" theme for the month of January at Self Portrait Challenge.

Participants much choose two (or more) of the eleven new challenge themes from the year of 2010 and combine them into a new self portrait.

Here's the list of 2010 themes:

Pet Peeves
With Someone
Breaking All The Rules
Speech Bubbles
Favorite T-Shirts
The Five Senses
Straight Out Of (the) Camera
Six Word Story

The obvious ones here are: "Speech Bubbles" and "With Someone."

Less obvious is "Six Word Story" (title).

Stretching it are "Straight Out Of Camera" (except for the speech bubbles), "Shine" (the camera flash in the mirror reflection), "Breaking All The Rules" (none of us are wearing our wrist straps on our Wii remotes).

Feel free to leave a note (or several) filling in the blank speech bubbles!

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