Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I call him....Golden Boy

SPC - 'Favorite T-Shirts' - #2

I call him -- "Golden boy"

Jerry: Elaine, see this T-shirt? Six years I've had this T-shirt , it's my best one, I call him...Golden Boy.

Elaine: I'm on the phone here.

Jerry: Golden Boy is always the first shirt I wear out of the laundry, here -- touch Golden Boy!

Elaine: No thanks. (to the phone)Yeah, Yeah I'll hold.

Jerry: But see look at the collar, see it's fraying. Golden Boy is slowly dying. Each wash is brings him one step closer, that's what makes the T-shirt such a tragic figure.

Elaine: Why don't you just let Golden Boy soak in the sink with some Woolight?

Jerry: No!!! The reason he's iron man is because he goes out there and plays every game. Wash!!! Spin!!! Rinse!!! Spin!!! You take that away from him, you break his spirit!

Seinfeld -- The Marine Biologist

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