Tuesday, June 15, 2010

SPC - 'Speech Bubbles' #3

We met some good friends from college at the Indianapolis Children's Museum last Saturday which happened to be the opening day of their Rockstars: Cars & Guitars exhibit.

The exhibit was pretty cool. As you might imagine, there were many cars & guitars there on loan from artists and collectors.

One of the cars was an '89 Mustang given by Michael Jackson to Ryan White. Additionally, Ryan's family was at the exhibit, talking to visitors and sharing memories, etc.

They also had a Journey Tribute Band playing and I wished I had a lighter to wave during the chorus for "Open Arms."

Elvis was hanging out in the lobby and I snagged this arm's length self portrait with him.

SPC - 'Speech Bubbles' #3

In the background of this photo, you see a Rolls Royce that had once been owned by Barbara Mandrell. I looked for an '89 LeBaron previously owned by Jon Voight, but couldn't seem to find it. :-(

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