Tuesday, April 06, 2010

SPC - Square - #1

SPC - Square - #1

The challenge theme for Self Portrait Challenge for April is 'Square.'

Simple enough.

This was taken last week on our Spring Break trip to Gatlinburg, TN/Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

I found this window inside the cabin of Noah 'Bud' Ogle during our hike on Thursday. There happened to be a mantle directly across the room from this window at the right height to set a camera there -- and with the 'Square' theme coming up, this scene was just begging for a self portrait.

BTW -- Here's an outside look at the cabin in which this photo was taken:

Noah 'Bud' Ogle Homestead

The window you see there is the same one in the self portrait (only from the inside).

More Smoky Mountain photos coming. Just have to sort through 1400 of them, or so. :-)

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