Tuesday, January 26, 2010

SPC - 'Flashback' - #4

Well, we're coming to the end of the "Flashback - 2009" challenge. This month I challenged participants to choose two or more themes from 2009 (see list below) and do a new self portrait that combines the themes in some way.

Album Covers
Indroduce Yourself
High Key / Low Key
Seven Deadly Sins
tiny words

The entries have been widely varied in theme and style, but so far, nobody has managed to get all twelve themes into a single image.

Here's my stab at the "Tremendous Twelve."

Tremendous Twelve?

Album Covers - Star Wars CD - Check!

Indroduce Yourself - Hi, I'm Jeremy and I spent way too much time thinking about how to do this! - Check!

Headless - Both myself and 'poor Greedo' -- Check!

High Key / Low Key -- See the little key up HIGH in the frame? - Check!

Diptych - Polyptych, check!

Shoes - Chucks! Check!

Childhood - Greedo action figure and the Star Wars soundtrack. I can remember begging my cousin to play the Star Wars theme on a little air organ that we had in the hallway at our house. I can also remember having an 8-track cartridge that contained the Star Wars theme, but it wasn't the first track in that particular "Program" (8-tracks only had 4 program stops, right?) -- so I had to listed to "Love Story" or some such "nonsense" so that I could hear the Star Wars theme in all its glory!

Portals - corner of a window up there in the upper right corner - Check!

Hats - My son's Fire Chief outift - Check

tiny words -- Check!

Red -- The hat, again, Check

Seven Deadly Sins -- oops, I guess I was too slothly to include that one -- oh, wait...Check!!

Cheating? Maybe.


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