Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween 2009

Hannah scooping out her pumpkinHarrison scooping out his pumpkinJack-o'-lanterns
Hannah's is on the left -- Harrison's is on the right.

Hannah drew her face on the pumpkin and I didn't follow the drawing. The eyes and nose are in the right places, but increased in size slightly. You might be able to see her Sharpie mark for the mouth between the carved mouth and nose. I have been admonished by Hannah for stretching it out a bit and adding teeth. The teeth have since been removed.

Harrison did not draw on his pumpkin as his drawings still lean towards the abstract which is difficult to carve into a pumpkin. He said he wanted his pumpkin to be "grumpy." We have all agreed that my render of "grumpy" leans a bit too far into "angry" territory. Nonetheless, I have not been admonished by the Boy, so I'm calling it a victory! :-)

Halloween Costumes
"May we help you?"

Halloween Fireman
Fireman Harrison

Halloween Nurse
Nurse Hannah

Three Service Professionals
We had a 'Trunk or Treat' event at our church last Sunday night and Hannah and Harrison's cousin, Katherine, came too. She was a veterinarian, so we had three service-oriented little people in our family this year!

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