Monday, August 24, 2009

Star Wars Childhood

For the final week of the 'Childhood' theme over at Self Portrait Challenge:

Star Wars Childhood

Well, those of you who know me well knew this was coming, right?

I was only three years old when the original Star Wars was released in 1977, but it played a role in my childhood, so I had to acknowledge it this month for the 'childhood' theme.

This photo on Flickr has 'notes' attached various places with these explanations, but I'll guide ye blog readers through them here:

Chewbacca, Lando, Leia (sans Boushh helmet) and the busted Landspeeder are the remnants of my once impressive Star Wars action figure collection. Han Solo and Greedo were recent gifts from a work colleague (Thanks, Adam!)

The panorama on the top half were two separate shots, but when I put them side by side for the mosaic, I realized they worked together, so I just smudged the line where they met and now it's just one wider shot.

In the bottom left corner is a photograph of the entire set of Ralph McQuarrie's published drawings from Star Wars. Christy's Dad found these around their house a few years ago and gave them to me. Just don't tell her brothers. It'll be our little secret.

The bottom right frame makes the collage qualify as a 'self-portrait.' It also features my Empire Strikes Back blanket as a background. You know how women save their wedding dress in hopes that their daughter will someday want to wear it on their wedding day? Well, this is the father/son version.

The big STAR WARS logo laid out over the entire collage is a photographic element, too. I photographed my Star Wars Soundtrack liner notes and used the logo here.

When I was a kid -- even up to college -- I used to think I was a Star Wars nut. Then I discovered the internet. Now, I know I am extremely low on the scale of Star Wars fanboy Geekdom!

Just one example (minor, but pretty cool):

Sillof is a friend of a friend who does custom action figures, as in, he makes his own action figures to look the way he wants using spare parts, molding, painting, etc. It's really incredible stuff. You know those Ralph McQuarrie drawings to which I referred earlier, well Sillof has done action figures for many of them.

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