Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Earth Mosaic 2009 - Update

I mentioned that I was participating in the Earth Mosaic 2009 project.

They received 1630 individual images between April 22 and April 30.

They completed the mosaics and here's how they turned out:

small pics (on Flickr)
This first one contains 5800 images, which means that many of the images they received were used repeatedly, as needed. The higher pixel density allows for a clearer, higher resolution image of the Earth, but the sheer number of images makes it difficult for an individual to find the images that they submitted.

So, they did a second version:

large pics (on Flickr)

This second version contains 1643 images, so only a very few individual images are used more than once, but it makes the search for an individual image considerably easier.

I found mine!

Madison County Courthouse -- just off the North East coast of Brazil, near the Rio Grande do Norte

Spring Arrives -- a bit off the Westernmost coast of Africa, near the Cape Verde Archipelago

Park Place Church of God -- just off the coast of Antarctica, on line with Saudi Arabia, or thereabouts.

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