Thursday, February 05, 2009

SPC -- 'Introduce Yourself" #1

The theme for February at the Self Portrait Challenge group is: Introduce Yourself.

We did this theme shortly after the Blogger site moved to the Wordpress format, so I think it's appropriate to do it again, now that the format of the group has changed again, this time to Flickr!

SPC -- February #1

I've done this photo this way in an effort to simulate/improve upon this shot which was my first entry the last time that SPC did the 'Introduce Yourself' theme.

You likely already know that I'm Jeremy Stockwell. I've been contributing to Self Portrait Challenge (and Self Portrait Tuesday, for you old schoolers out there!) since December, 2005. Even in that very first attempt, I wrote that I didn't expect that I'd be doing this on a regular basis, but something about the challenge resonated with me, and I began posting regularly when the site switched over to the SPC site. In August, 2007, I started picking weekly favorites to be featured on the main site.

Just recently, when SPC's founder, Kathreen, mentioned hanging it up for a while, I realized that I didn't want to see the community that has been built there dwindle or disappear, so with her blessing, I started a Flickr group to continue the challenge.

Originally, I found SPT/SPC through Andrea (aka girlhula) whose husband is the best friend of the guy who was my church's youth minister when I was in Jr/Sr. High School. Small world, eh?

Well, that's a little bit about me. Be sure to check out introductions from other folks in the SPC group.

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