Sunday, September 23, 2007

SPC - September - #2

Well, I got a late start on the September theme and I'm glad this is the last week for 'Bathroom.'

But you know what they say: When ya gotta go, ya gotta go.


As most of you probably already know, my oldest child started Kindergarten a few weeks ago. Apparently, school-sponsored roller skating parties are a big deal around these parts, so I did my civil duty and took my daughter roller-skating.

She had never had skates of any kind on her feet and it had been about 10 years for me. She did about as well as could be expected. I held her hand the entire time and managed not to fall down myself or on top of her. She only had one bad fall, but recovered nicely. All things considered, I thought we did OK. As you can see, I even managed to work up the nerve to get a shot of the both of us while skating.

And for the SPC theme:

It's difficult enough to go to the bathroom wearing skates, let alone setting up a camera for a timed self-portrait in there.

See what other are doing in the bathroom here.

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