Wednesday, August 09, 2006

What Hannah Said #3

This was recently her most glowing compliment: "You're so brave!"

"If I eat two donuts, my tummy will be nervous."

The other night at our evening meal:
Hannah: Can I have a show on while I'm eating?
Jeremy & Christy (in unison): No.
Hannah: But, I promise I won't look at it.

In early spring, I noticed the buds coming in on our lilac bush:
Jeremy: Hannah, see the buds on the lilac bush?
Hannah: Bugs? Where?
Jeremy: No, buds -- Buds -- BUDDDS
Hannah: (with horror) Blood???
Jeremy: Nevermind.

Praying: "Thank you, Lord, for our daily bread -- cause it's so good!"

Learning "dirty" words:
Upon hearing questionable words and/or phrases from the mouth of our four-year-old, such as, "oh my gosh" -- "stupid" -- "poopey-butt" -- etc., we sometimes respond by saying, "we don't say that" or "we don't like that word." So just the other day, Hannah asked me, "Do you like 'Holy Cow'?"


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Films Recently Watched:

Mighty Joe Young (1949) dir. by Ernest B. Schoedsack
Christy was hoping I'd cry while watching this one like I did while watching the 1998 remake. (Shut up! I thought he was dead!!) No such luck. I do like the original though, despite seeing the remake first.

Underworld (2003) dir. by Len Wiseman
Man, that Shane Brolly, sure can overact! He plays 'Kraven' in this modern-day vampire vs. werewolf action flick. I think he used every single villainous cliche' known to Hollywood, including the good ol' "head on a plate" line. Overall, I wasn't impressed. Kate Beckinsale did much better with her deliveries than poor Shane, but none of the actors had much to work with here.

The Family Stone (2005) dir. by Thomas Bezucha
Give this a chance. Halfway through this one, I wan't too sure about it, but somehow, it all pays off. Just when you think you've got all the character stereotypes figured out, everything changes. A stellar ensemble cast (including Diane Keaton, Craig T. Nelson, Claire Danes, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel McAdams and Luke Wilson) works together here to pull off this family-home-for-the-holidays story.

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