Monday, February 27, 2006

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Batman: Original Motion Picture Score -- Danny ElfmanThis is absolutely one of my favorite movie soundtracks ever! I owned the cassette tape recording once upon a time, but have never owned it on CD until now. This was a present from Christy for Valentine's Day, and boy, do I love it (and her!).

When Tim Burton's Batman came out in 1989, it seemed that everybody my age was obsessed with the merchandise for this film more than the film itself (remember the Batman T-Shirt craze?). If any of them happened to be talking about music related to the film, it was probably the songs that Prince composed for the movie, some of which appear in the film, but many that are only heard on the 'pop' soundtrack. Meanwhile, I was listening to the Danny Elfman orchestral score for the film and loving it!

I seem to remember that my church's preacher at the time had a CD of this that was in a round tin case (he called it the Bat-Tin). Seems like he offered to sell it to me at one point, but I didn't buy it. Now, I kind of wish I would have 'cause I can't find anything about it now. It was either exceptionally rare, or I'm nutty. (note to self: turn comments off on this post).

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The Dairy Queen commercial with the panicky fire-breathing dude. Have you seen it? Is it even new?


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