Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Better Late Than Never

We had a few busy weekends back around and before Labor Day, but I hadn't gotten around to getting anything up here so let me, there is too much. Let me sum up:

Me Goofy!We got together with some college friends. This time the occasion was a friend who is a missionary in New Zealand who got married in January. Randy and Jen Cox hosted the shindig. It was great to catch up with Chad and to meet his bride, Diane. Once we got all the kids to sleep, we got to chatting and time got away from us. Well, suffice it to say that Randy always cracks me up, but at nearly 1:00 in the morning, he is especially hilarious to me. I got a little goofy. Anyway, thanks to Randy and Jen for hosting and to Chad & Diane for making the time to spend with us.
Randy & JenChad & Diane
The next weekend, after stopping at the hospital Friday night to see our friends' newest addition to their family, we were off to my sister's in Illinois. We had a good weekend with their family. We took our old rollerblades, which have only been collecting dust since Christy took a spill on our second outing with them several years ago. One of our nephews had expressed an interest in rollerblades and it just so happened that his feet are just about exactly the same size as Christy's! He picked it up really quickly and we were happy that the skates will get some use instead of sitting in our garage. Here are the photo highlights from our trip to my Sister's.

Finally, over the Labor Day weekend, we made our way North to Christy's parents in Michigan. We left right after work on Wednesday and got in at 11:30pm our time, 12:30am their time. We were lucky to get to see Christy's Aunt Linda when we got in, but didn't have a chance to visit much as she left early in the morning before we were up and around. Thursday, we went to a playground near Lake Cadillac. Grandpa and Hannah ended up wading in the lake a little bit. Friday, we went to a nearby petting zoo, Johnny's Wild Game and Fish Park. There were vending machines that dispensed corn to feed the roaming animals. I swear, the animals knew how they worked better than we did. If we got anywhere near one, we were surrounded by sheep and goats. Some would even maneuver to get their mouths aligned with the dispenser so as to catch it directly in their mouth instead of having to eat it from human hands or off the ground. I think if we'd left them a stack of quarters, they probably could have figured out how to work those machines! Later Friday, Christy's brother Paul (who now has a blog of his own thanks, in part, to your friendly neighborhood blog evangelist) got some time off of work and we went to a beach in Manistee near the Manistee North Pierhead Lighthouse and did some swimming in Lake Michigan which, on that particular day, had some waves bigger than some than I've seen in the oceans. Later, we went to a family favorite, The House of Flavors, which, so I'm told, does, in actual act, serve food besides Ice Cream. Saturday, we headed north and went to the Sleeping Bear Dune Climb, and briefly went swimming nearby before going to Traverse City for dinner. Sunday, we went to Church with Christy's parents and then back to Manistee, this time to a different beach, but back to The House of Flavors, of course.

Here are the photo highlights from our trip to Michigan (as you can see, I also learned how to use my panorama photo stitch mode on my camera/software):

Films Recently Watched:

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Cinderella (1950) dir. by Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson, Hamilton Luske. Produced by Walt Disney.

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