Tuesday, December 21, 2004

SUV's, Lies, and Radio Charts...

I heard this on NPR last night and thought it was interesting.

Apparently, some over-zealous fans of country singer, Chely [pronounced, "Shelly"] Wright have been using some unscrupulous methods in order to get her new single, "The Bumper of My S.U.V." onto radio around the country.

Grassroots campaigns (especially unsuccessful ones) aren't uncommon. Individual fans calling local radio stations asking them to play a particular song can make a difference. Even more effective though, is an organized effort by dedicated fans around the country. This type of endeavor is fine and is probably where this effort started (and was definitely beginning to work), but this one got out of hand.

One superfan posted these comments on the fan club message boards:

''tell 'em your husband is a marine — whatever it takes.''

He also made many calls himself under the pseudonym, "Sgt. Steve McKay."

''Sob stories and just telling how this song has affected u r going to work best. This song is what they call a reaction record and we need reaction.''

''You can also fib a little and say you are in the armed forces and how this song needs to be heard — u get the picture,''

Yes, we most definitely get the picture...

The Tennessean broke this story and Chely Wright has issued a statement saying that she has asked her fan club president to resign and that she was unaware that these methods were being employed on her behalf.

It's unfortunate. Unfortunate that even when it's discovered that such things are happening, that the end is often the same. The individual or group that was out to promote this song at all costs has accomplished what they set out to do. I guess there really is no such thing as bad press.

A little more jaded than I already was...

Films Recently Watched:

Top Gun (1986) dir. by Tony Scott
When I first got into DVDs, I remember thinking that this would be a great movie for home-theater. Fortunately, before I went out and bought the DVD that was available then, I learned that it wasn't "all that" so I waited for a special edition release. In addition to the full-length audio commentary featuring director, Tony Scott; producer, Jerry Bruckheimer and Navy experts and technical advisors, this new release also features a 6-part, 2 1/2 hour documentary covering about every aspect of the making of this film. Also on disc 2 are production stills, several music videos and 2 multi-angle featurettes comparing the director's storyboard concepts to the finished film (these can be played with or without director's commentary). Needless to say, THIS is the special edition for which I'd been waiting all these years. Kudos to Paramount Home Entertainment for making this a truly, Special Collector's Edition, and affordable to boot ($12.99 in-store at Circuit City this week)!

High-brow filmmaking Top Gun ain't, but it is 100% fun to watch. This movie was made for surround-sound so watching this at home with DTS sound was a treat.

City Lights (1931) starring; written by; directed by; produced by; edited by; and original music composed by Charlie Chaplin
I watched this for the first time several months ago. Definitely one of my "new" favorites.

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